Carol Carter

18 May 2008

Tulips for Emily- second panel

i like the organic quality of paint created by this new paper. the scale and placement of the blossoms has an inviting quality.

i am looking forward to painting the third part of this triptych this week.


30 x 22
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RH Carpenter said...

So lovely!! What brand paper are you using, Carol? I'm just now experimenting with a batch of Twinrocker I've been keeping until I was brave enough to use it (it's a bit pricey compared to others).

Carol Carter said...

hi rhonda...

the paper is LOSIN.... MOLDAU....

i believe. it was a gift -- so i'm not 'xactly sure.

i will double check for you.


About said...

These tulip paintings are stunning! They have that same unearthly glow and energy that your swimmer paintings have...very powerful.

Sandy Maudlin said...

Can't wait to see teh third one. Exquisitely breathtaking!