Carol Carter

19 March 2012


I took the day off...and went to an Alpaca farm. Boy.. was that amazing!

It was remote in Illinois... Calhoun County ... by the town of Hardin.

So so quaint!

The alpacas were owned by a friend....and are taken care of royally.

They live on a bluff-- with a view of the Mississippi River.

Such beautiful and noble animals!

The owner harvests their fleece for garments and rugs. They are so soft...and so gentle.

What a treat to learn about their care -- and see their gentle kindness.

Thank you Kathy-- for opening your farm and letting us enjoy your world!


Arti said...

Looks like to had a great day, Carol!I wish you would come to Uk sometime...we too have so many nice places to visit and see :)

Studio at the Farm said...

Carol, it looks like you had a joyful day, in a beautiful setting, with good friends - animal and human!!

jyoti kumar said...

finally taking a little break, and a really lovely one it looks deserve it at this point...only to get recharged.Do visit your son to bring lots of colourfull ideas from that part of the world.

Carol Carter said...

I would love to come to the UK Arti... just help me plan a workshop -- so I can offset expense! I know your country is beautiful .... Hope you are good!

Studio... we did have fun. It was a beautiful day-trip to the country. Perfect company...and wonderful furry friends.

Thank you Jyoti! I felt recharged when I came back. The alpacas were only 2 hours away...although they are also in Latin America. When I go visit my son ... I will certainly bring home inspiration from Hong Kong!

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