Carol Carter

02 May 2009

Watercolor --- Little Shop of Horrors

Here is friday's work. i paid particular attention to the development of the small shadows and nuances of the interior leaves and patterns. this is the focus of the painting... along with the strong cast purple shadow underneath.

i need to work another day on the interior stems -- to bring out some jewel-like complexities....

Little Shop of Horrors
22" h x 30" w
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RH Carpenter said...

Horrors? Nothing horrid about a brushstroke of this beauty! Instead, how about taking this Wallace Stevens poem and choosing a title from here (I saw this on another blog today and had to share it with you because of this painting - what a connected place the art-blogging world is):

Nomad Exquisite

As the immense dew of Florida
Brings forth
The big-finned palm
And green vine angering for life,

As the immense dew of Florida
Brings forth hymn and hymn
From the beholder,
Beholding all these green sides
And gold sides of green sides,

And blessed mornings,
Meet for the eye of the young alligator,
And lightning colors
So, in me, comes flinging
Forms, flames, and the flakes of flames.

Wallace Stevens

Carol Carter said...

oh my YES!!! i will use some new title from that poem.. it's a beauty! .. what a gift of title-searching you have rhonda!

i don't think little shop of horrors does it justice either. i believe it's a handsome piece.. and deserves a compelling title.

i will finish the painting tomorrow. come back to see what name it gets!

hope you are good! and washes are WET!