Carol Carter

19 May 2009

Mari Rockett

Dragonfire Gallery - invited all their artists to do a tribute painting in honor of founder -- MARI ROCKETT who passed last month.

Each painting will be featured on the "Mari Wall" in the gallery this summer. The proceeds from the sale of these paintings will generate monies for a sculpture -- to be installed in Ecola Square in memory of Mari.

My small painting is what i believe Mari gave to everyone.... Mari shared her light -- her wisdom.... her joy.

The world was a brighter place with her presence.

Mari's Gift
11 " h x 11" w
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Unknown said...

What a beautiful tribute to any person - that they shared their light, wisdom and joy. Your painting is so fitting - open hands reaching out to give. I am sure she would have been so pleased to think her life had made an impact and difference to so many. Beautiful.

Carol Carter said...

hi joanne!

thanks so much for your beautiful comment. i thought the idea of an "offering" was so appropriate for mari. mari was always giving.... she did make an impact... on so many people.

thank you for sharing with me... your lovely, thoughtful message.

Arti said...

What a beautiful painting...very well crafted and befitting tribute.Loved it on first glance!

Elizabeth Seaver said...

This is just stunning!

Carol Carter said...

thank you elizabeth and arti!! i am appreciative of your support!

MB Shaw said...

This is lovely and such a perfect way to honor her memory. I didn't know her, but imagine she would be touched by this work.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Beautiful idea to create artwork in honour of a wonderful lady. I agree with Joanne, the sharing of light with open hands is such a wonderful image.

Carol Carter said...

thank you joan and mary beth... i do cherish your comments! mari would appreciate knowing too.. that so many people care/cared about her!

best.~~ carol