Carol Carter

31 May 2009

another tutorial watercolor

this is a full sheet watercolor -- of a swamp botanical that i've been painting the last few days.

it's not done.. and probably won't be done for a while... as i am fatigued with it... i don't like solving a paintings when i am not enthusiastic.

i always find it best... to set aside paintings in mid state -- after the struggle... and let them 'rest.' they can sit around the studio -- out of sight... until a time when i look at them.. and feel compelled to answer the last problems with 'fresh eyes and insight.'

over the last year... i have come to see that this is the best way for me to work.

it's as though.. i have the 'gun-ho' attitude through the beginning and middle of painting... then lose the tempo.... or become distracted.

to finish it.... in a less than devoted state.. would be a disservice to the work and the message.

returning to a painting after a rest time... . allows me the clarity of perspective as well as the ability to make decisions that are 'right' and not timid~!

so... stay tuned for the last state of this piece later in the month.

40" h x 30" w Arches 300 lb cp
2009 unfinished
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RH Carpenter said...

I love this attitude about paintings and the stress to get them finished - if it's doing them a disservice, then it's more positive to put them aside and wait for the time (we will paint no vine before its time...!)
Thanks, Carol, for these thoughts on your process, which mean as much as the actual painting techniques :)

Margie said...

This is true in any artistic medium... writing... design... sometimes we just get stale and need to stop work on a project until the blah feeling passes. To keep hacking away at it does no service to either the artist or the finished product, and saps all the joy and relish from creating it. (been there, done that, for sure!) I'll look forward to seeing what happens with the finished piece down the road, when you pick it up again with new inpsiration.

Chris Beck said...

I couldn't agree with you more -- I often put things away until I have either a solution to a problem or the enthusiasm to finish the painting.

laura said...

I'm not surprised your enthusiasm wanes when working on a sheet this size! 40x30! I've never seen paper so large and only have 30x22 full sheets myself (which I cut in half or quarters!).
I find I often work on after my initial excitement has abated--and it's a mistake; not only for the end result, but because in some way it makes painting itself less than fun!
It is good to take a break to rest and think--I'm going to give it a try!

Carol Carter said...

hey fellow painters... rhonda, margie, chris, and laura... i'm glad you see my point.. about working past the time you are fatigued! it has taken me years.. to not be a 'finisher'.... i think it stems from my days of school.. with deadlines and crits. now.. we have the luxury of letting paintings come at their own pace!