Carol Carter

18 May 2009

Shattered- Watercolor

I am developing a very detailed image of an energized leap out of the pool. it is a metaphor for life. sometimes... with activity.. there is no rhyme or reason --- all is in flux.. and all we can do is capture the verb.

30"h x 22" w
2009 almost finished.
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Unknown said...

You are very definitely "in the zone" with these last 4 paintings... thank you so much for showing each of them in varying stages! You are the master and mentor!!!

Carol Carter said...

dear joanne!

you are very dear to think that i'm in the ZONE! thanks too.. for the 'master and mentor"....! i like the "mentor" part.. but i do NOT feel like a master!
happy painting!

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Love the idea of this--and its execution.