Carol Carter

07 May 2009

Golaith Iris -- watercolor

spent the last few days... reworking a large iris watercolor from a year ago. it's the best... to take some time and do reconsidering of passages to make the painting richer. there's also the risk that you might not make it 'better.'

however, the weather has been cooperating.. and the washes are coming out quite smooth and even.

i am adding some depth as well as 'glow' to the main iris.

60" h x 40" w
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Angela said...

This is turning out beautifully! I let paintings sit, thinking it will go better if I come back to them with 'fresh eyes' - but then when I try to go back, fear sets in...what was I doing? What colors was I using? Did I have a plan that I'm going to remember as soon as it's too late to follow it?

I always have to remind myself that I set it aside specifically to get rid of those questions - but it's so hard!

Elizabeth Seaver said...

You've really preserved the light and glow. I'm glad you didn't give up on the painting!

cathyswatercolors said...

I can only say,thank you for sharing. I love to see the painting process,I belive at times you have some wet on wet and then dry washes? Love to see the way you save your whites and that the veining is done first. Very helpful thank you again

Carol Carter said...

thank you EVERYONE-- agela, elizabeth, and's so heartening to hear of the support you all lend to my process. it's wonderful to share painting through this blog... to you -- as fellow artists. what a wonderful gift this is! happy mother's day.. to all of you...

Unknown said...

This one is going to be gorgeous when done as it is already beautiful...