Carol Carter

28 May 2009

Happy Day

Today I delivered a watercolor that I sold to a terrific client. She and her husband had also bought a few paintings of mine before. The acrylic on paper is a large painting I did about 12 years ago -- titled Insomnia.

I really enjoyed seeing it!

The Tulips for Emily watercolor will go in her dining room.

It was a lovely day -- visiting with her -- and seeing her beautiful home.

70" h x 50" w

Tulips for Emily
35" h x 28" w

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RH Carpenter said...

Well, I'm not sure why the woman in insomnia seems to have on a bathing suit, but since I have insomnia now, maybe I should try one of these - but I would be in my pjs so maybe not at pretty?
Love the tulips and it's wonderful to have a collector who purchases your work.

Unknown said...

"Insomnia" is beautifully rendered. And, congratulations on the sale of your work! It's very rewarding to an artist to have patrons who collect over time.

Carol Carter said...

hey rhonda!

thanks for comments... sorry you have insomnia.. i did several years back. dunno why she's in the bathing suit.. it just seemed to be better than jammies!

this collector is a fine person... wonderful to get to know her. how's your painting?


hey kathy.. it was a treat to see an older painting -- sort of like running into a familiar old friend!
thank you for liking it. i really enjoyed the impact.. as i don't really paint that large anymore.

Unknown said...

I think there is a whole story behind why the insomniac is in her bathing suit... she decided since she couldn't sleep, she might as well go for a swim in her backyard, so put on her bathing suit. But on the way to the pool, found she was hungry, so perused the fridge to decide what to eat after her swim... This painting is a great "story starter" (can you tell I am an English major???).
Thanks for showing the tulips triptych framed... each is much larger than I thought. It is hard to get a feel for the size when it is on my computer screen, but this picture really put it into perspective.

You do such beautiful work, Carol. As I have told you before, you are an inspiration to me as a watercolorist!

Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend.

Carol Carter said...


i love your interpretation of the insomniac! that's it!

the one tulip is at one client... emily's parents bought the other two. they are currently being framed and will be installed at their house.

they were interested in getting the whole piece... but didn't contact me...until AFTER i had sold one panel.

i will probably end up doing them a third panel to even out the symmmetry.

so.. that's the whole story behind this TULIPS FOR EMILY painting!

Barbra Joan said...

OMG Carol, just checking your posts and saw these 2 ... Fantastic work ... Love this gigantic (makes a real statement) painting and as I'm a flower painter what can I say but your florals are lovely. One of these days I'll try something larger. COURAGE!

Carol Carter said...

hi barbarjoan-- have COURAGE!! paint large! i know you can do it. thnx for the compliments of these paintings.. i do appreciate it! lovely that you are a floral painter.... best.!