Carol Carter

26 May 2009

Goin' Coconuts -- Watercolor

Getting closer! I made some time yesterday... to paint the last coconut in this watercolor. It's always a challenge to paint in the last passages of a watercolor -- because so much depends on the value system already painted.

I have particular challenges with value -- so I'm constantly aware of making the right value decisions towards the end of a painting.

I knew that I need the last coconut to be a simple washe -- and light in value [on top]. I waited until a rainy day to lay in the wash.

In my work-- the last passages are definitely the "key" to the painting... so they have to be "right." [definition of "right": well painted, easy to the eyes, with proper value and fluidity]

Background washes are less important .. and one can "get away" with awkward passages... but not foreground or subject oriented passages!

I'm almost done now.... all i have to do is continue to paint in the related white stems of the botanicals surrounding the coconuts.

I plan to feature this painting on a marketing have to get it done soon.

South Florida Cocos
22" h x 30" w
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Cindi said...

looking good!!! thanks for sharing your steps!! i sure understand the value challenged part!! lol

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Very striking! Value looks good to me!

laura said...

Gorgeous--the light is dazzling! I have trouble with values too, but, here, I can't see any problems!!
I would like to know what size the painting is? Is it a full sheet?

Unknown said...

Wonderful painting! Very effective use of forms and lighting.

Jeanette Jobson said...

I just love the light and colour in this piece.Beautiful.

Carol Carter said...

cindi... thanks for undertanding about the value part. i use a ruby screen.. do you? it helps me see value. caorl

elizabeth.. thanks for the compliment. i think the piece has impact compositionally too!

laura.. i worked hard on the light.. to make it pop in the right center...
the painting is 22" h x 30" w... it's a full sheet. i'm not sure of the paper brand.. will have to check. i know it's not arches though.

kathy... i thank you for the comment.... i think the forms are the right scale for the strong light.. it was fun to paint.

jeanette.. i worked hard to make the light 'just so'.. so that the central cocos have immediate impact.. thank you for your comment!

everyone.. thank you!! i will be putting this piece on my upcoming marketing postcard!!

RH Carpenter said...

This one was fun to click on to enlarge and "walk around in" for a while, seeing the washes and the lovely mix of colors. The values are right on - strong and interesting with a good composition. Thanks for sharing!