Carol Carter

05 May 2009

Final Version- Blessed Morning - Watercolor

i took the time today... to finish the details of this watercolor. it progressed in a way.. to balance the image back to the center. the whites are largely gone-- replaced with golden yellows and some Old Holland Yellow Green.

there's a spooky edge to the piece that i like.

i'm going to steal a title from the poem Rhonda sent!

am installing this piece in a small show today... i will let you know of the response to it.

Blessed Morning
22" h x 30" w
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RH Carpenter said...

Beautiful finish, Carol!

laura said...

Wow, this is gorgeous. Thank you for posting all the steps leading up to the finished piece--fascinating to watch.
I love the colors and all the crackling little bright shapes. Stunning!

Arti said...

What a beautiful artwork.Fluid and delicate.

Elizabeth Seaver said...

It really glows! I'm sure it is just stunning, esp. given that it is so large.

Carol Carter said...

thank you EVERYONE!!! it's absolutely the BEST... hearing all your comments. i'm going to show this piece today... it's a brand new painting.!

love the fact that you all are behind it.


Angela said...

Beautiful! I love purples and greens together!

Carol Carter said...

thank you angela... your comments are always wonderful to read.... you are a dear!