Carol Carter

30 March 2008


a gesture for a larger painting..... i like some of the movement of the hair. i also added a Prussian Blue wash over the pool [which doesn't appear here] that gives is more value and depth.

11 x 14 arches cold press
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RH Carpenter said...

Carol, I am sending you a blog URL for the Greater Cincinnati Area - it has all the happenings and art events. Hopefully, you'll get to attend a few things and visit a few galleries when you're in town in August! Check out
for current shows and art talk.

Darleene said...

Hi Carol, Have no idea what I am doing and I just found out I have a blg with google..???? as you can see I am computer smart! LOL
Anyway I found your site searching for watercolor artist in Michigan and found you? Your paintings are looks like you put lights in them...and your black and whites look like your looking thru them and your I think backwash..I had to put on my sunglasses...seriously your our modernday Monet and they are soooo soulfull they almost tell your life story and this took me a long time because I have dial in the boonies...I took a break from a frustrated painting and found you...Will you ever be doing classes in Michigan or Toledo...Toledo is great..Took a workshop with Joseph Fettingis. I like him to but I think your better...I just started painting 3 years ago..after retiring..if your ever in Michigan and want a river and pond and20 acres of pure bliss and good cooking...stop in I always have room. and my e-mail is I am not sure how I got on google blog but it must have been one of those days..Well I sure enjoyed your paintings I couldn't even find one I didn't like..Take care Artfully yours Darleene

Elizabeth said...

Love the painting. Nice to see female nudity presented as strong, that looks like a woman on top of the world, love it! I think I only felt that free at the Women's Michigan Festival.