Carol Carter

25 March 2008


this is the fourth panel to the THREESOME on the home page of my website. [i guess i'll change the title of the series now....]

i have photographed all four... and will post soon... but.. i like this painting so much-- i wanted to feature it on it's own merits. it just swims and glows.....

a bittersweet image, for sure... but real art is born of emotion.

40 x 30 arches 300 lb. cold-press
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RH Carpenter said...

The strength of the darkness of the hand is interesting - it has to be that strong to cover her eyes so she won't look back - she mustn't look back. Beautiful colors throughout carrying my eye around easily from point to point. Wonderful!

David Burge said...

I can see why you hold this painting in such high regard Carol.
It's a jackhammer into the emotions wrapped in the most delightful garments. The palette is gutwrenchingly beautiful.