Carol Carter

30 July 2013

Temple Man Mo- Hong Kong, China

The most beautiful temple-- Man Mo is in downtown Hong Kong.    My friend-- Zhiwen took me there or our walk throughout the city.  I was totally mesmerized by it.

I plan to do a number of paintings from various aspects of this temple- and this is my first attempt.

There are rows and rows of incense hanging from the ceiling.  These incense are in various states of being burned.... smoking and smouldering and being fragrant.

The sights and sounds were intoxicating!

The step-by-step is to illustrate how I went about this painting.  I am not quite sure it's completed--but I will revisit it in a few weeks to make the final touches.

Temple Man Mo
Hong Kong, China
28" x 40"
Asian Influence
in progress


Studio at the Farm said...

It must have been almost an overload of the senses, visiting the temple. Carol, your painting is gorgeous - so rich and colorful, almost abstract. LOVE IT!!!

Kathleen said...

Really beautiful...look forward to this series.