Carol Carter

14 August 2013


These beautiful monk's robes were hanging from the balcony on a warm day in Ko Samui Thailand at the Big Buddha Temple.

I felt comfortable taking the photo-- and then subsequently painting the robes---  as a symbol of their floating spiritual presence all around the shrine.

The monks weren't visible at the shrines. You could feel their presence-- but they kept a low profile.

There was only one-- who was tying blessings-strings on tourist's wrists.

Don't you love the pure, ethereal quality of the fabric?  and the sunshiney, intense orange?

22" x 15"
Asian Influence


Arti said...

This is exquisite, Carol!I love this color- it appears in almost all my India Paintings :)I like the symbolism here,too.

Studio at the Farm said...

They really do have an other-worldly look to them, and the colors are FABULOUS!!!

laura said...

Beautiful shapes ... and the yellow-oranges are simply the most beautiful ones I've ever seen: they're compelling.

Carol Carter said...

Thank you Laura.... I thought they were beautiful shapes... that happened to be monk's robes drying off the balcony!