Carol Carter

03 August 2013

Final and last version of Temple Man Mo.  The changes are probably imperceptible-- but still-- there are changes.

Thank you thank you for taking this journey of evolution with me.  The temple is certainly a rich place for imagery.  I plan to mine it again for a painting.

The red and gold are reminisent of the palette that assaults your senses-- once you enter the temple.  It is sacred, mysterious, steamy, and shrouded in tradition.

It will take many pantings to convey!

Please let me know your thoughts!

Temple Man Mo
25" x 40"
email for purchase


Meera Rao said...

Love the colors, the light and the patterns! Beautiful composition!

RH Carpenter said...

Those shapes would have given me fits but I do love the colors, the abstracted look to it and the misty top that indicates the incense burning and flowing to the top of the area :) Beautiful, as usual, Carol!

Carol Carter said...

Thank you Meera! I am pleased that you like it!

Rhonda! Those shapes DID give me fits! but... all in all... i wanted the challenge. Thank you for your vote of support!