Carol Carter

20 October 2009


Here we come... another small acrylic. The show is beginning to take shape. i have completed about 4 small paintings.. with another 3 half done.

In a few days.... I will be able to post more of them. I am seduced by the Naples Yellow and musky RED OXIDE from Liquitex. Both pigments have permeated my work.

Some of the paintings are on AMPERSAND gessoed shadowbox. I like the look and surface, and they won't need frames!

Italy 7 [to be titled later]
12" h x 12" w
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8 comments: said...

OH Carol , This really says Italy to me, having been there 6 or 7 times .Your color and shape say it So loud and clear .You have truly captured the essence of the Italian landscape. Beautiful !!!!!!
I can't wait to see them all .

Margie Murray said...

Carol - the glow in this painting is amazing. I have been working on Ampersand for my large floral oil paintings. The frames are beautiful and I have been waxing them for extra color. Thanks for sharing your process and color selection - it is working!

Trevor Lingard said...

It is always good to see your amazing work.
Kind Regard

Carlos León said...

Hello. This is a beautiful painting!!. I love your work.

Carol Carter said...

thank you june... always cheering me on.. which i am very grateful for~ Italy is beautiful.. and i hope to capture more of it throughout the show. now i have done 6 paintings... hopefully another 10 will follow. wish me luck!

margie. thank you for writing. love to keep up with you on FB too. you are always so busy! please tell me how to wax the surface of ampersand. i would love to try it!

trevor, thank you for your compliment. it means a lot to hear from you! hope your painting is going well...

carlos, thank you for liking my work.... where do you hail from?? carol

Carlos León said...

Hi Carol; I´m from Venezuela, living in Madrid right now

Anonymous said...

You have really captured the colors of Italy. Beautiful work. Nice composition.

Carol Carter said...

thank you jean,
for your compliment! i looked at your blog.. and am so impressed w/ your work! you are amazing! i see that you live in sausalito... wonderful part of the world. if i'm ever in CA.. i hope to look you up for a cup o' tea! keep painting... and i'll check your blog often. carol