Carol Carter

05 January 2010

The Big Move!

I have been moving the last few days which has occupied ALL my time and attention.

It's NOT over I haven't had the time to unpack my belongings and settle in. I've been real busy ... getting my town house ready for tenants who are arriving on Thursday from California.

I am about done with the project and will be able to work on setting up my new arts and crafts duplex.

It's been a challenge -- but good for change and a sign of new beginnings!

Happy New Year!
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Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Good luck in your new environment and with the show of your many and varied amazing portraits as your son grew up. How does he feel about being 'exposed'??

Carol Carter said...

thank you joan, move is going well. it's WAY harder than i thought it would be! i haven't moved in 20 years.. and it certainly is difficult!

evan loves the series on his growing up ... he enjoys being the center of attention.

Susan Liles said...

See you are making changes in your life. Best wishes and hope the new location works out well for you. Enjoyed the article on your series of Evan, what a nice way to record a childs life. You're a good mom!
Happy New Year also!

Carol Carter said...

hi sue,
thanks for checking out the American Artist article on Evan. it is a fun read.

how are you? kids? painting?
i hope the new year brings goodness for you and yours. !carol