Carol Carter

16 January 2010

more and more italy!

today was a fruitful day in the studio... i had a good long stretch of time to work.. and did my best to nail down some finishing touches on 4 paintings. although i still need work on the last one.. i can safely say... 3 are done.. and a good beginning on the poplar trees.

i am gathering up steam...... to finish the show.. and get it done in time for a spring opening.

i really like the whole exhibition --- i took out the 25 paintings today for an overview.

the palette for the show is musky and rich. the colors remind me of the earthen colors i found in Tuscany... Naples Yellow, Red Oxide, Green Gold, Baltic Blue, Forest Green.....


Italy 45, 46, 37, 48
12" h x 12" w
mostly finished

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fheathermoore said...

These are all beautiful Carol. I just love the style you achieve, and how the paint looks like it has run in certain parts. How do you achieve this effect?

Carol Carter said...

heather... thanks for the compliment. i paint acrylic on panel and then spritz it with water bottle to let it run. it is a delicate process... but you can make it work! try it...

Sadia said...

Wonderful! Love the movement in your paintings!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

This Italian exhibition work is truly astounding with colour and vibrancy and light. You've moved into my genre of church and archways now. Such fun to do - currently doing arch ways in an oil of a Norfolk Chapel. The variety of subject matter for this Italian show is going to wow the public.

fheathermoore said...

Ah right! I've done it with white spirits on acrylic with spray paint. I just love finding out people's techniques, and hopefully I can try them out!