Carol Carter

27 January 2010

Strength in Numbers- watercolor

Here is the finished version of STRENGTH IN NUMBERS.

I finally carved out an additional few days to finish this piece begun last fall.

I posted it on Facebook -- and have gotten a few favorable responses.

The title for the piece came to me when I considered how tall and fragile these majestic flowers are... and how much more capable and beautiful they are when they are surrounded by each other.

A perfect metaphor for life!

Strength in Numbers
40" h x 30" w

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Angela said...

Everything about this is just gorgeous - wow!

Carol Carter said...

gosh.. thank you angela!!! love reading your comment... gonna get the painting framed today.

Sadia said...

Together they do make a very pretty picture! Beautiful painting,and very vibrant!

Cynthia said...

Wonderful color,,,wonderful work!
Your work is so inspiring!

Nancy Goldman said...

This is so beautiful and delicate but with such wonderful, bright colors.