Carol Carter

21 January 2010

Opening! Schmidt Art Center

It was a fabulous opening tonight at the Schmidt Art Center. A lot of people showed up.... special thanks to Ray Hunter and Aaron Mermelstein who made me laugh!

It was a thrill to see ALL the portraits together on a wall for the FIRST time!

The installation was fabulous--- Libby Reuter did a tremendous jog of spacing the work throughout the gallery.

I hope you are able to make it over to Belleville to see!

Here's Looking at You
Contemporary Portraits
Schmidt Art Center
Southwestern Illinois College
Belleville, IL

Exhibition runs through March 6th

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Elizabeth Seaver said...

Congratulations, Carol. I love seeing the paintings, sans frames, on the big open wall. What a great way to see your work. It gives you a real idea how much you have accomplished. Way to go. It is fabulous!

Ann Bedingham said...

Fantastic presentation!
Want to share a framing style I saw the other day. The painting is floated in between 2 sheets of Plexiglas then framed with a thin frame. The color of the wall becomes the mat. Looking at these paintings made me think of this.
Have you seen this framing style before?

RH Carpenter said...

That is quite a display of great work, Carol!! Congratulations.

Chris Beck said...

Really impressive to see the whole series displayed that way -- very fresh presentation!!

fheathermoore said...

Well done Carol! You must be ecstatic seeing them altogether in one place. Brilliant!

Carol Carter said...

elizabeth... it was a good way to install the paintings w/o frames. there was NO way i could have afforded them! the series is full.. and i had never seen it exhibited in one place.

ann...i have had a frame built like the one your described.. very neat. i also had a two-sided frame made.. with glass.. and painting seen on both side and put on a table.

rhonda... thanks for the smile! backatcha!

chris.. the paintings in total were exhilerating to see! what a combination of colors, years, and growth!

heather.. i WAS pretty excited to see them. it was the first time as a group! are you on FB? if so.. they are also on my profile...

thanks everyone!

fheathermoore said...

No, sorry Carol, I'm not on FB. I recently cancelled my account after several years. Too much nonsense being sent to me lol. I'm keeping an eye out here anyway :)

It's brillinat that you were also on tv! You're doing fantastically well!

Srishti said...

Wow! this is impressive Carol! I wish I was there to see them all together! I love the series!
The paintings were just tacked to the wall? Are they varnished? If not were you not worried about them getting damaged...etc.?
I have been wanting to go "large-er" but my only hesitation is framing cost...

Carol Carter said...

srishti- thanks for posting. it's more pricey to paint large that's for sure... and the cost of framing is expensive. the gallery pushpinned these to the wall [with my permission].. but it's only temporary. i wouldn't exhibit or sell unframed work normally. they are not varnished.. i don't worry about them getting damaged.
you should try painting larger at least once.. you may love it. some of my work is quite large.. i love the scale. good luck! send me digitals if you do!

heather- yes.. i don't do much silly stuff on FB.. but i have a good time sharing photos/updates. the blogging is a bit more serious... so thank you for coming here! keep in touch. best.