Carol Carter

04 May 2010


Time to take a break from the real world!
The EVERGLADES rule!!! I have finally arrived.. and spent little time wasting... Today, I visited many trails.. and photographed many gators and birds. It was hot, sunny, NOT Buggy... and magical. I took a boat ride out to Florida Bay-- and learned all about the estuaries and mangroves.

What a paradise!

Hopefully- I will do it justice with my photography and paintings.

I have a small studio-- where I will be doing watercolors soon.


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Janet Belich said...

Sounds wonderful ! Let me know if you need help with all that ! HA!

RH Carpenter said...

I like those pics of the gators but that last shot I can see coming alive under your artist's imagination! Looking forward to the paintings that come from this residency.

Noemí González said...

Very impressive!!

Carol Jessen said...

Can't wait to see those gator paintings!

Carol Carter said...

all of the paintings will take time. i am enjoying the process of gathering information now. it is quite stunningly beautiful here... thanks for the support all.

Unknown said...

I can feel it - I know you soak it in and it becomes part of who you are. Can't wait to see what you create from this experience :)

Carol Carter said...

thanks dawna...
it is truly wonderful here... so peaceful and harmonious. i am getting use to the pace.. and tranquility.
enjoy! carol