Carol Carter

08 May 2010

More News from the GLADES

So... today was a day that started at dawn.... taking in the Taylor Slough -- to look for gators and birds.

The dawn was spectacular... with the mist of dew rising above and creating soft colors.

The gators are out more readily in the morning... and then retreat at the heat of the day. They get too hot.. and go deeper into marsh for relief.

By 8am... it's too hot for me too!

I spent the day painting indoors... doing two small watercolors. I felt like spending some time translating the images.... good day.

Will post them later in the week... when I have more to share.

Thank you all for following this trip. It is an experience of a lifetime... and an extraordinary time.

More photos tomorrow.

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Susan Liles said...

Hey, enjoy the heat, I'm freezing here in MT. Can see some nice future paintings from the photos. Sounds like a blast to be able to do this!

RH Carpenter said...

We're having 35F temps, too - what happened to spring? - so enjoy the heat for now. The temperature may sort itself out by the time you return home. Enjoying the photos and can't wait to see the watercolors you've done.


Happy mother`s day!

RH Carpenter said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Carol Carter said...

happy mother's day back!!