Carol Carter

13 May 2010

Small Glades Watecolors

Blue Heron
9.5" h x 13.5 " w

9.5 " w x 13.5" w
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RH Carpenter said...

What a feast for the eyes these watercolors are, Carol! Delicious colors, capturing a bit of the heat. Love the gators and the mangroves and the cypress and...well, all of them, really :)

Double "D" said...

Nice to see watercolor done as it should be!
These are gorgeous ... looks like we're in for
a great year of viewing.

Susan Liles said...

Beautiful paintings that glows. Love those gators!

Carol Carter said...

thank you ALL!!! i have had a ball trying to paint. the light isn't great in the studio -- which limits my time painting. PLUS, i'd rather be outdoors exploring. thank you.. and look for new works in the coming months.....