Carol Carter

12 May 2010

Get a Load of THIS!!!

See ya later ALLIGATOR!

So, when I get to Taylor Slough this morning at dawn... there's the HUGE gator hangin' out...
I didn't know what to do.... cross him.. or just wait.

So, I decided to go photograph him...and figure out a way around him.

Soon enough, he decided to go back to the Slough -- and started off through the park's welcome center.

It was a hoot to see him ramble through.... right by the soda machines and picnic tables.

Wow... and whew!

I was glad he made it back. He couldn't walk more than 25 feet at one time... then plopped down to rest.

Very kool to see all this.

It's always very entertaining to wake up and watch the gators!

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jgr said...

This is very cool! Thank you for sharing your Gator with us!

Janet Belich said...

Glad you said that he had to rest every so often. I always look at them and wonder "How can those small legs support all that ?" Now I know ! You're one brave lady there, Carol !!

Jeanette Jobson said...

Wow. I don't know if I would have hung around with this gator!

Good for you! Great photos.

RH Carpenter said...

Um, they can run and move much faster than you think, Carol, so be careful and don't get too close. But thanks for sharing the photos!

Carol Carter said...

i love my GATOR! yes... i realize they are dangerous.. and that they can run...
i keep FAR away .. don't push my luck.. or try to get too close.
i have a zoom on my camera.
i have seen enough gator-stuff in the last 2 weeks to see how tough and wild they are.
will NOT get in their way!

MB Shaw said...

omg, this is so funny, he just looks like he is lumbering along. Great pictures.

Carol Carter said...

he IS lumbering along.... full of strength .... but a little clumsy on land. i stay outa his way! otherwise... i am hypnotized by them. But, i like it better when they are in the water.. and i am on the boardwalk!