Carol Carter

06 May 2010


Today, I woke up and raced outside to photo the mist coming up from the swamp.

I found an incredible bird-of-prey [anyone know what he is?] waiting for me-- and a FIELD of spider webs... all wet with dew and shiney from the backlit of the sun.


Just when I thought there was nothing magical to see... it was overwhelmingly beautiful.

I went to the SLOUGH.. to see birds and gators...

saw a coot, anhinga, many gators... and soft shell turtle digging her nest... and many spiders and bugs...

It was wonderful.

I will return again tonight...


Yesterday, I drove 12 miles to shoot the sunset from Pay-a-ho-kee Point-- but.... forgot my CAMERA! [can you believe???}

anyway, drove all the way back to my cabin... and had to content myself with shooting the sunset from a different vantage point. Tonight.. I may repeat my quest...

It is rainy now.. thunderstorms.

Spent the day doing a small painting.

I will go to the BIG CYPRESS SWAMP tomorrow. It's the other side of the EVERGLADES.

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RH Carpenter said...

Great photos - love the hawk (looks like a red-tailed hawk but can't be sure without seeing the tail feathers) and the spider web with dew! Such an adventure and you are taking full advantage of it :)

Carol Carter said...

truly beautiful wildlife here rhonda.. in EVERY direction! I am ignorant of most of it... but i try to figure it out later. there are a few birds... not as much as in winter.
i love taking it all in. :-))