Carol Carter

27 May 2010

Trip North

I returned to my life in the midwest on sunday. Before I cleared completely out of the swamp ... I stopped off at Corkscrew Nature Preserve outside of Naples, Florida.

It is a pristine slough-- offering a boardwalk that's about 2 miles long. It meanders through the wild -- gentle slow moving RIVER of GRASS.

I saw so much - cypress, Alligator Flags... turkey vultures....

It was fun to have yet another chance to see a swamp.

Hopefully I will get back down here this winter to see the migrating birds.

By the way... Corkscrew was rather tame... as it's the end of the dry season...and not much wildlife or activity.

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RH Carpenter said...

Have a safe trip home...and I hope this was a very productive and interesting visit for you!

Carol Carter said...

rhonda... i drove home all in one stretch! 17 hours from FL to MO.
i took 5000 photos. should be able to develop a nice exhibition on the GLADES! thank you for keeping me jazzed about writing on the blog.