Carol Carter

02 May 2010


I am down in Clearwater-- heading down to the Everglades tomorrow. There is a lot of tension in Florida about the potential oil disaster. There is reason for concern-- with the disturbing reports coming from the news.

I am planning on photographing the Everglades in the next few weeks-- but also leaving time and energy available to come back to the upper panhandle of the Florida Coast- and Louisiana and Mississippi to document the oil damage.

It is most upsetting to think that such a pristine environment could be destroyed by impending oil.
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Susan Liles said...

Been to Orange Beach, Alabama and San Destin, FL,... the thought of these beautiful beaches being washed with oil makes me sick. Will be so much loss of business and ecology.

Carol Carter said...

yes... i think so too. went to Honeymoon Beach yesterday... it's absolutely heartbreaking to think they might be in peril.
will do my best to record both good and bad.

RH Carpenter said...

I love this photo of you, Carol. Do keep us updated on what is happening, when you can. Those of us who love that area and the wildlife there are so worried.

Carol Carter said...

i am worried too rhonda...
i will do my best to photo the damage if it comes. i am currently documenting all the good stuff! it's gorgeous here.