Carol Carter

11 May 2010

Another Gorgeous Day

The Everglades continues to delight and inform. It is NEVER the same.... always churning, moving, changing.

I can go to the SAME place... each and every day -- and not one photo comes out the SAME! The light, humidity, weather... is always tweaking .. making the environment different.

However, that said... I have slowed down on the photography ...because I've already taken 1000 pics.


So, because it was raining today ... I spent the day watercoloring. I've done 6 small watercolors. I will photo and post...



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RH Carpenter said...

Now, don't tease! Show us some of those watercolors :) You know we'll be waiting!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Two great posts of the everglades. Have an acrylic heron on show in a Suffolk gallery - so particularly loved your heron photos. Yes, I agree Rhonda - where are the little watercolours???

Carol Carter said...

oh.. i am sorry for not posting watercolors. each day.. i try to squeeze out another.. before photographing them.. and each day i run out of light before i can shoot them. will do it tomorrow for SURE! thanks for the prompts ladies... :-))