Carol Carter

07 May 2010

Shark Valley- Big Cypress

Spent the day going to Shark Valley National Park and Big Cypress Nature Preserve. They are both spectacular. I will post photos of them tomorrow.

Yesterday -- on my evening jaunt to the slough to watch the gators and birds... a spectacular rain/thunder storm came up!

The sky was overwhelmingly beautiful! The sunset peeking through the thunderous noisy clouds was pink and orange. The sky beyond was a pale blue.

All of it took my breath away.

You can also see where I have begun painting ... although I must confess-- I am MORE interested in going around the park and seeing EVERYTHING... rather than staying indoors and trying to paint.

Perhaps... painting will come later this year on this body of work?

Please let me know if you've ever been to the EVERGLADES -- and what part you liked best -- so I will not miss one single thing!

Tomorrow... I think I will travel down to Key Largo...

92 here today.... HOT!

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Unknown said...

What a beautiful and inspiring location! Happy painting :-)

RH Carpenter said...

Yes, now is the time to soak it all in, take lots of reference photos - for large paintings later. But maybe little wc sketches would keep you in touch, paint-wise, with the area, too :) Loving the photos!

Chris Beck said...

Really enjoying your trip vicariously through your photos!! It makes sense to me to use your time soaking up all you can. There'll be time to paint when you get back.

Carol Carter said...

thank you ALL for your remarks... it truly is a marvelous experience here... some times.. i have to pinch myself.. to know that it's real!
every evening... i go on a gator-spy ... and then document the sky sunset on my way home.
i painted today .... and will try to post some of them on monday!
happy mother's day!