Carol Carter

22 May 2010

Cypress Dome

Yesterday evening... Cerisa and I went to Double Dome-- cypress dome to stomp in the slough and look for birds and animals.

We found a GATOR... [see below photo].. and a cottonmouth snake. Both of them HUMBLED me.

When I went into the dome... I felt in control --- but after seeing the animals... I felt very strange and uninvited. I felt like I was in a zoo... and this was THEIR space!

So.... very informative.

Definitely OUT OF THE BOX for me. I can't say I am quite comfortable being in the outdoors.... but I am learning!

The above photo of the gator.. is a photograph I shot this morning.

It's a gator doing the mating-call. So SO interesting! He/she flaps air through the jowls ... and vibrates the water in a "growling" sound. This alerts the other gators to the arousal and intent.

Depending on who's in the area...they either leave or respond.

[I have seen gators leave an area in a hurry ... if they feel a larger male is approaching. I have also see a female come to the call...]

I am so amazed at the gator life. I feel privileged to have gotten to know it these past few weeks.

This particular gator did not find a mate today.... perhaps later! [later-gator.]

But.. I also want to add.... that I did see three courtship-romance ventures between gators. The month of May is the time for them to get together.

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