Carol Carter

19 May 2010

My Birds

These birds were very important to me over the last few weeks. They are everywhere.. and add a lot of activity, dimension, and life to your day.

Some times -- they take my breath away!

Blue Heron
Black Bird
Juvenile Egret

The poputlation of the birds is down during the summer here. I hope to return this winter to see the migrating birds.

Also, the population of the Everglade birds has been diminished by 90% since the turn of the century-- due to water table/habitat change, hunting, and robbing the birds for plumage for hats in the early 1900's.

Everglade Birds
4" h x 11" w
2010 each
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kae pea said...

oH I just love these so much. they are really wonderful :)

Unknown said...

What a beautiful and unusual interpretation! Wonderful.

Carol Carter said...

thank you both!! for like the quadrant of birds....