Carol Carter

14 May 2010

Gator Romance

Here is a sequence of photos that describe the courtship and romance that's happening in the alligator kingdom this month. T

he month of May is the time for the alligators to mate. The eggs are laid in June and July. The nests are guarded by mama.

Come September -- the babies hatch -- and are completely dependent on Mom -- all 50 of them! She guards and protects them ... because there are many predators-- included other gators!

They are born ready to eat -- and completely self-sufficient predators.

Mom provides safety for a year... until the process starts over again.

Dad's are prone to eat the young ones -- because they are competitors for the food.

Out of 50 gator-babies.. only 3 will survive till adulthood.

There are a million gators in Florida -- with about 50,000 in the Everglades.

There are 1500 crocodiles here too. Only two places in the world have crocodiles AND alligators. The Everglades is one.

Alligators are fresh water. Crocodiles are salt water.

Both are fascinating to see in the wild.

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