Carol Carter

30 May 2010


I am most concerned about the wildlife along the Gulf Coast.

This unmitigated disaster -- that's unfurling in front of our eyes...


is quite upsetting.

I plan to do some visual statement about what's occuring... to give voice to what I feel inside.

After returning from a month in the EVERGLADES NATIONAL PARK... a pristine natural biodiverse environment--

it shocks me that it might be threatened-- and/or destroyed.

Let us all... be outraged.... and find a way to help those in harm's way.

Speak out.
Drive less.
Turn off lights.
Save energy.

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laura said...

It is so distressing, you're right. Every day, more bad news ... And then, the rest of the day, I just go about my business, unaware, which seems a terrible luxury: your suggestions are good ones to keep this disaster in the forefront and to remind ourselves it affects us all.

Carol Carter said...

yes laura.... we can only do so much! but we should idly sit by.. wringing our hands. we can still raise our brushes.. and make some sense out of this mess!
i go about my day too... but every now and again... i listen and refect that i should do MORE!

RH Carpenter said...

Making a statement with our art seems the least we can do. I just watched a National Geographic program on the disaster - it took 10 hours for the experts from Norway to even get to the rig once they knew it was burning and they had to watch it crumble into the sea, knowing what was coming. And now there is evidence that BP employees had concerns about this rig and the safety - but BP had no plans to deal with a problem - months ago. I know it doesn't mean anything to the overall health of BP but I used to only buy gas from them - now I won't. It makes me feel like I'm making a statement in that way, too. I keep thinking of oil and water and paintings of such things...

Suzanne McDermott said...

Carol, I had just finished a post on this very thing - a project for us all. I'd planned to invite all three of you to launch it so it's fate that we're all here. Maybe I'll post it tomorrow. Beautiful heron!

Carol Carter said...

i am trying to post your page on my blog suzanne.... i am having trouble with the technology. i would like to post your post in the exact way you did!

help ~!