Carol Carter

01 June 2010

Spirit of the Gulf Challenge

My new friend, Suzanne McDermott has come up with a remarkable project to help renew and restore hope in wake of the Gulf tragedy.

Please look for her name to the right side of this post-- to find the link to her blog.

She is inviting artists to join her in painting an uplifting painting about some aspect of the Gulf-- birds, wildlife, ocean life, sunset, landscape, vegetation.

Also to think positive thoughts... and healing love for the region.

Good thoughts and love have far reaching effects!

Please visit her blog or look for her on Facebook -- to learn more about this creative and healing response to the Gulf Crisis.

I am joining in. In a few days... I will be posting the first of a series of paintings about my Gulf Coast.



Jane Andrle Gillette said...

Texas hasn't been affected but I did take a ton of pix of the gulf coast of Texas this spring. It would be in the spirit of the activity...

Carol Carter said...

post 'em girl~~~!! then-- do a painting.