Carol Carter

28 June 2010

Check out the SCALE~

Well.... every now and again i paint large. it's not often.. and it's getting more difficult...but these iris' needed to be huge.

I have shown them on digital format... but here is an idea of how big they are... 'cause I'm standing next to them.

Each painting is larger than life... and holds a lot of impact.

Big Iris
60" h x 40" w

Big Blue
40" h x 50" w
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SKIZO said...




Meera Rao said...

Very impressive!

Carol Carter said...

thank you both!!! they are big!

olivia said...

Carol, thank you for showing us the real sizes.
This painting is magnificently bright.
On the first photo, did you imitate the posture of your iris?
I smiled...
You are going to receive a package of France which left last Saturday...

Carol Carter said...

thank you olivia!! both for the compliment AND the magazine! i haven't seen a copy yet.... the publisher has said they sent one... but it hasn't arrived.
you are a DOLL for taking the time/effort to send me one. can i pay you?
i didn't realize i was striking the same pose as my iris... very interesting! love your blog---

RH Carpenter said...

You're right about the impact of a large, beautiful painting! But you should smile more :) Gorgeous colors, as usual, and love the large format!

Carrie Waller Watercolors said...

Wow! So impressive to see how big they are. You have a true gift:)