Carol Carter

12 June 2010

New Framed work

These two pieces were the ones sold this week---- and my most excellent framer had them framed and ready to go in 3 days!

wow...that's what i call SERVICE!


so... tell me what you think!

there is a black frame and a mahogany.

36" h x 28" w

28" h x 36" w
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Christiane Kingsley said...

Carol, they both look absolutely stunning.

I have a question: from the picture, it seems that the deckled edges are showing instead of being behind a that right? I do most of my own ( very simple) framing, and would not know how to do this:-)

Carol Carter said...

yes christiane... i always show the edges of the paper-- it's something i've done for decades. you have to make a strong tape adhesion on the back-- with archival linen tape. you can find this in art stores. i will try to photograph a linen-tape hinge for you.
i stopped liking mats in the early 80's.

Christiane Kingsley said...

Thank you so much for the information, Carol!