Carol Carter

21 June 2010

Electric IRIS- watercolor

I have had the privilege of rethinking a watercolor -- and added a secondary blue wash the other day. This voluminous wash added a bit of depth and mystery to the whole painting. The leaves and stems needed to be muted... and the atmosphere created by the blossoms made the whole painting wet!

I like it much better-- and consider it 'done' now.

I went ahead and tweaked various edges.. lifting and high lightening.. then softening some of the washes.

In the end.... the monumentality and light shine through!

Giant Iris
60" h x 40" w
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Nancy Goldman said...

This looks like a beautiful piece of silk fabric. I love it.

olivia said...

Wonderful Carol and so poetic. I love your watercolors.

Carol Carter said...

thank you both!! i think it looks watery and wet.... kind of like fabric.... thank you thank you


i love this carol is electric but so very delicate incredible transpacency .

Carol Carter said...

thank you jane...yes..... it is very transparent.... the veils of washes are quite thin.... also the scale contributes to the translucency.