Carol Carter

24 June 2010

Denton TX- Watercolor workshop VAST

Hey HEY!! spent the last 2 days in DENTON, TX having a GREAT workshop with 20 fabulous painters!

They ALL did wonderful paintings today.... and here are some!

I will post some more tomorrow... when a few others finish them up.

We are racing ahead and beating the HEAT!

Tomorrow is our last day... then... jury the 125-MILE Exhibition for awards... then home!

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Janet Belich said...

Looks like a great workshop ! Super pieces that they've produced.
How about a trip to MD next year ?

Carol Carter said...

let's do it~~!! plan it and i'll be there.... :-))

Liana Yarckin said...

Oh, I wish I knew. I would love to participate in one of your workshops, let alone, just meet you.

Carol Carter said...

liana!! do come to the next one. we are trying to organize more. i would love to work with you too! and meet you!