Carol Carter

07 April 2012

Rounding the corner of the painting

I have worked and worked on this painting... trying to get it to "lay down" as well as the mangrove to "stand vertical".

I washed in again...some Quinancridone Gold to soften the upper portion of the grove.

I am beginning to enjoy it better-- with the deeper nuances and softer edges.

I am almost done.

I have a few more areas to tweak... and then I will call it "finished".

I was watching a show last night about crocs... and came up with a more delicious title that seems to invigorate and set the scene for the narrative.

Gators and crocs can stay under water for at least 2 hours... to surprise their prey. This is a tactic that has drastic consequences.

Never Trust a Smooth Surface
22" h x 30" w
almost complete

I really need to find a venue for the Everglades show. If anybody has some suggestions.. .please don't hestiate to email me!



jyoti kumar said...

Happy Happy Easter to you too Carol...really lovely mangroves. A slight variation from swamp but water nevertheless.

Watermarycolors said...

Beatiful painting! i love it!
Happy easter to you too..


Carol Carter said...

Thank you Jyoti and Mari Jose..... I had a happy Easter...and I hope you did too!