Carol Carter

06 January 2011

The LAST of The Italian Suite!

"YES!" I'm finally done.

Today was the final day-- of finishing up the last two painting of a 14 month odyssey.

It feels GREAT to put this chapter to bed!

I have loved working on THE ITALIAN SUITE-- and can't wait to show it next month.

BUT... I'm ready to move forward -- and tackle other projects with resolve.

The last painting.... [the top one] is called IN BETWEEN BLUES... was excellent to work on.

The bottom painting had begun about a month ago... but had to be tweaked to finish it off.

I worked hard on the transitions of the trees to ground... as well as make the background more atmospheric.

I have 4 panels... 30" h x 30" w ... that will exhibit as a long horizon.

You can see three of them here.

Tomorrow... I will install them on my larger wall in the studio-- and make a photo that shows the four.
It was difficult to make the panels sympathetic...and also different.



now... to work on the book...announcement and publicity for the opening!

Italy 194
24" h x 24" w

Italy 193
30" h x 30" w

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Karen said...

Extraordinary! The work in the Italian Suite is breathtaking.

Carol Carter said...

Thank you so much Karen... for your support and comment!

jugioli said...

maravilha de trabalhos!!!
adorei vir conhecer o seu blog