Carol Carter

24 January 2011

Watercolors on the Drawing Board

I have been mostly working on my book with Marty and Kristen --- and trying to become more familiar with my Mac.

It's taken it's toll on my studio time... and I haven't been able to get that much painting done.

Here's what I've done for part of last week.

The boa has been added to the MEDUSA painting... and I've started a small self portrait --- just to get my brush wet again.

So.. enjoy!

40" h x 30" w

Self Portrait
22" h x 15" w
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RH Carpenter said...

I'm loving your return to watercolors, Carol. You are the queen of the wet-in-wet wash and this Medusa painting is gorgeous already!! Your self-portraits are always winners, too, but I'm keeping my eye on Medusa - could be one of your best ever.

Carol Carter said...

i am lovin' my return to watercolor too! can't wait to get done w/ responsibilities for school, house, teach, and life... to get back to some painting! Medusa is a winner... .but it needs some time yet...before she's finished... thanks for posting my friend. are you coming to Italy Suite show?

Studio at the Farm said...

Very cool, Carol. The colors in the boa truly slither and undulate!!!

lkpainter said...

I am just blown away by your work. Not only are the watercolors fresh and vibrant but I so admire your originality. that is one of my problems....being creative and original!