Carol Carter

25 January 2011

The Italian Suite

The Italian Suite: Works by Carol Carter

Cedarhurst Center for the Arts

Mt. Vernon, IL

February 25- May 1, 2011

Opening February 25 6:30- 8:30 pm

5600 Richview Road
Mt. Vernon, IL

All are invited~

Come see 80 paintings of Italy!

5 comments: said...

Oh so ...... and ...... and ......! too perfect for me to enter descriptions! i have been using these same colors in lessons on the net right now...i'm thinking summer, as it's still winter here!

RH Carpenter said...

I've got it on my calendar and hoping the weather is more like spring by then than winter :) It will be AMAZING!!!

Carol Carter said...

thank you wanda! i love your post.... isn't it grand to be in sync with other artists?! I am definitely thinking "summer" now. next week... I'll be in the Virgin islands!

Rhonda... I hope you are able to make the show.. if not the opening! it will be a great time... the book we are doing is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Carol...This piece looks awesome and would love to see the entire show.

Carol Carter said...

come to the show julie! would love to meet you.