Carol Carter

01 January 2011

MEDUSA- watercolor

I have begun a tangential painting--- MEDUSA-- a figurative piece about a woman I met on Halloween.

I have been longing to return to watercolor of the human form-- and she seemed like a likely subject.

She was a young woman dressed as Medusa for a Halloween sideshow. It was a carnival atmosphere....freak show... sword swallowers and Siamese twins etc. You get the drift.

Anyway, she exemplified the role of Medusa so clearly -- I just had to paint!

Here is the beginning steps. It will only be developed as weather permits.

The larger washes need lots of moisture to make them work-- so I need to wait for rainy/wet days in the studio to finish.

It is critical to develop the painting under the best conditions as possible.

I like her so far... and am happy that I got most of the background blocked in. finish the last Italian painting... and to forge ahead with the EVERGLADES work.

Happy New Year everyone. Your presence on this blog means a lot to me. I appreciate all your comments, insights, criticisms, and support~

Let 2011 begin... and let's make it WONDERFUL~!!!

40" h x 30" w

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