Carol Carter

14 January 2011

Three paintings from Long ago

I had the chance to shuffle around my stored work-- to look for some art to share with a friend.

I found three old paintings-- from the year 2000.... based on the highway imagery as well as Belle Glade subject.

It was refreshing to see them...they are dusky and mysterious -- and a bit more lush than I remembered!

I documented them with film.... and now I am sharing with you.

Let me know your thoughts. These are all larger scale works on paper.

Last of the Belle Glade work
acrylic on paper
8" h x 40" w

Highway Headlights
acrylic on paper
29" h x 50" w

Highway 95
20" h x 50" w
under acetate-- hence the reflection

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Bohlen said...

Hi. I like the the luminous colors and the way they are breaking through the darkness. Great work!

Carol Carter said...

thank maike! i liked finding these old gems in my flat files. they were done about the year 2000. happy day!