Carol Carter

03 January 2011

The Last ITALY painting....

Here is the last Italian Series painting for my show. I don't know how many I've painted.... certainly more than enough! and... certainly MORE than I've EVER painted for one exhibition before.

Granted they are small format-- but the effort and critical painting are the same.

It's certainly harder to paint larger paintings -- because of their sheer scale -- but you have all the other formals issues of creativity to solve. So, some times... there is NO difference between large/small.

I don't think I'll be painting large again--- it's way too physical for me.

But... I enjoy the smaller/moderate format a great deal~~

I have also begun titling the paintings. This is the fun part!
Then comes labeling, wiring, and finally signing all the works.

I'm meeting on WED to discuss the announcement -- and then.. let the MARKETING begin!

Italy 192
24" h x 24" w
second state
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RH Carpenter said...

I think the hardest part (besides keeping the momentum and enthusiasm going to do this many in a series) would be naming them all now!!

Unknown said...

Interesting use of color in this painting!

Carol Carter said...

Thank you Rhonda... I hope you are able to come to the show!
Naming them has been a challenge... now.. I'm trying to do the BOOK!

Thank you Tim.... the color is rich and vibrant... or at least that's what I hope is conveyed.