Carol Carter

19 January 2011

Beginning Watercolor Study

I had the chance to do a simple watercolor....and wanted to break ranks and do a still life to share with my watercolor classes.

I began doing this study--- and finished it today.

I will post the finished painting-- tomorrow.... after I learn how to upload photos to the new MAC with my camera.

I have been snooping around... trying to get used to the new machine . I have to admit... I am uncomfortable with it.

The Picasa works for me... better than iPhoto. Everyone tells me how simple it will be. Not kickin' in-- as of yet!

So... here's to learning new technology!

And... come back tomorrow to see the final version of the painting.

Still Life w Fish
15" h x 22" w
Posted by Picasa


Double "D" said...

Gorgeous work. Watercolor the
way it should be. Wet and juicy.
It's a thrill to see new work.


CarolynnzArt said...

Wow! I love this... nice, wet look, brilliant colors. ~~carolynn

Carol Carter said...

thanks Doug and Carolyn.... I love reading these comments~ I posted the final version this morning.... you can see the changes I made and the nuances of developing the painting further.
So glad you both wrote in.