Carol Carter

14 August 2010

ITALY-- new painting

This is the 54th painting I've begun for the Italian show. I need about 65 to fill the 3500 sf space.

This show how I begin each piece...there's only a couple of hours work.

It will remain unfinished for a while... but I will resume working on it soon!


Italy 124
10" h x 30" w
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Susan Liles said...

Love the paintings that are finished so far, hope you reach your goal and good luck on the show.

Carol Carter said...

thanks susan. i hope to reach the goal too... there's a good chance that i will. the exhibition should go well. how are you?

olivia said...

Look at your mailbox in a few days...
I am happy to see some watercolors on your blog. Bises, Carol.

Carol Carter said...

thank you olivia... i hope you are talking about the magazine! can't wait.
yes..there will be more watercolors in the future.... just wait! xxoo