Carol Carter

20 August 2010

LA- City of Angels and Possibilities

Los Angeles
I have grown to love this city over the last week.
I hope to make a move here one day.
It's been a great town to get to know... teaming with energy, beauty, and commerce.

The Getty Museum was a particular delight today. The exhibition of Gerome- painter in the 1860-1900--- was stupendous.

Also, two photographic exhibitions - one of them on photojournalism was very hard to take in.


Afterwards, hiking Runyon Canyon and seeing the glowing sunset over Sunset Blvd. and the stars and lights come out over the skyline.

The hidden surprise about Los Angeles , I feel, is that people are happier here than the media presents. There are many many happy, non stressed out people that I've been around.

I think LA has gotten a bad rap in the press.
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Laura said...

Wonderful story!

Gabe said...

magnifici scatti e che storia! bay

Carol Carter said...

thanks laura and gabe! wonderful to hear from you both. i love LA!