Carol Carter

30 August 2010

Small Watercolors

Here is a collage of smaller watercolors in the studio.

They are figurative swimmers from a show ---

Each painting measures 12" h x 12" w or some are 11" h x 15" w

I think the juxtaposition of images make a compelling image!

Good idea to work from...

Good Girls
12" h x 12" w or 11" h x 15" w
some available for purchase
email for interest
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Carrie Waller Watercolors said...

Fabulous paintings. I love them grouped together, they are even more dynamic.

Gretchen Bjornson ART said...

Great colors....your paintings are some of the most vibrant I've ever almost have an urge to wear sunglasses while viewing them...very cool effects.

Carol Carter said...

thank you BOTH!..... i love the juxtapostion of the compositions too... very clever.
gretchen... that is a wonderful commment about the sunglasses! truly some times you do need to tone down the color!
thanks all....

Maria Jose Barrera said...

Es impresionante ver como juegas con el color, poco habitual.
Estas ba├▒istas son magnificas.