Carol Carter

04 August 2010


The paintings number 53 at this point. I am barreling down the final stretch to finish this show and move on to the next.

I am absolutely in love with the way it's turning out --- thrilled with the look and polish of these small paintings.

It will be a joy to share them with others!

That said.. here are two that I worked on today ....

The top one is a small village -- painted to look fresh and a bit awkward.

I finished the second one.. of the trees. I like the final transition of the last tree in the distance. I worked hard on that.

The third painting of the trees and cemetary was just begun today. Its prelimary ... with not much resoultion.

The fourth piece is a larger landscape I am developing slowly. Because it's larger -- it seems to take a bit more time.
I'm working on softening the transitions.. .and making more depth and detail.

Italy 114
acrylic 12" h x 12" w
final state

Italy 97
10" h x 30" w
final state

Italy 115
12" h x 12" w
first state

Italy 112
30" h x 40" w
in progress

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मकरंद said...


Carol Carter said...

thank you!!!! where are you from?

Victoria said...

Un trabajo magnifico , Felicidades. Un saludo.

Carol Carter said...

thank you victoria!! that's a real compliment.. .coming from YOU!

Maria Jose Barrera said...

Un magnifico trabajo. Con tu estilo tan peculiar de plasmar lo que ves.
Un saludo. Mª José

Carol Carter said...

M Jose-- THANK YOU so much for your post! I am thrilled and happy that you like my work. I hope you can continue on and see the rest of the show as it develops. best!